Catalpa Productions


The Catalpa production is committed to bringing to limelight the incidents that surround the Fremantle prison from the earliest possible time till now.

Catalpa is drawn from the name of the Ship that helped in rescuing the six Frenias. The ship was disguised as a whaler prepared for a fishing expedition. There were several involvements of other personnel that contributed to the success of the mission. This was a work that brought about coordination with international effort.

We also focus on showing the changes that occurred over time in the prison, from the time whereby it was designed as an establishment to hold war prisoners, and as a detention site for the military. The prison also experienced a boom in the number of people there during the gold rush era, and the creation of several other divisions.

We are also concerned about the philosophical approaches that were introduced in succession in the prison system. The prison system started as a means of punishing the convicts, there was a gradual adjustment in that regard to help with making the focus of prison be reformation instead of punishment. The adoption of these models symbolizes the change in ideology from the 19th century to the 20th century.

The prison facility was changed to accommodate different changes, the changes involve the creation of larger cells by knocking off walls in between them, and the prisoners were also classified to prevent the mixture of first-time offenders and repeaters

Why should you stay with us? 

We would be here to support you in every possible means of learning about the happenings of Western Australia and also enjoying a rich tour of the Australian national heritage. The Fremantle has gone ahead to be a national heritage both locally and internationally

The walls and structures of Fremantle in their silence speak the loudest of a whole new set of life that had pre-existed and contributed in no small measure to the development of Western Australia. We cherish this root and lineage and we connect deeply with the founding stories of these places.

Enjoy the richness of culture

We also bring to your attention informed graphics about the mixture of art and culture, pertaining to Fremantle, especially the collected arts and objects from the prison to exhibit a long history of humanity, even though not in a free space observe human nature to the fullest in their rights.

Enjoy the full breath-taking history of a major area in Western Australia such as the outstanding and unique Fremantle.